What is a Retaining Wall?

Why Are Retaining Walls Built?

There are a number of reasons why retaining walls are built. In some situations, a retaining wall is used to keep sloped areas from sliding away, for decoration purposes, as well as for erosion purposes. These are just some of the reasons that require their presence.

construction workers spreading concreteWhat is a retaining wall?
A retaining wall is a structure, which purpose is to keep rocks, soil, as well as water, in place. Generally, retaining walls are used to keep dirt in its place, so it doesn’t become washed away by heavy rain.

Where and why are retaining walls built?
Retaining walls are built on steep slopes around parks, walkways, homes, as well as around river areas. These are intended to keep the dirt and landscape features from sliding down the hill. This prevents structural issues with dwellings, due to mudslides from overexposed dirt and flooding.

Retaining walls are used in parks, where the soil has been dug away. This is necessary for the building of playgrounds, walkways, as well as other areas for people to gather. The retaining walls keep the upper part from collapsing down onto the lower lying area in the park.
Retaining walls are also needed around sloping garden areas, to keep the dirt from being washed away, when it rains or when the garden is watered.

Retaining walls are often built when there are walkways along a river, that are located below a roadway. They are necessary to keep the structure of the road in place. Over time, erosion and settling dirt may occur. These types of retaining walls are often built with poured concrete.

In some landscape designs, landscapers use retaining walls around water features. They prefer to build a wall rather than digging holes into the ground. Retaining walls for a water feature allow the waterfall or fountain to be raised above the ground level. They can also have great decorative purpose and be the focal point of your landscaping.

Make sure to consult a reputable concrete contractor, such as MorningStar Construction Co., Inc., of Wexford, PA, to find out more about retaining walls, as well as your options, based on your particular needs and circumstances.

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